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Our Robot Overlords

Artificial intelligence is often touted as the future demise of the human race. We've all heard it, the robots will either wipe us out or rule us with an iron fist, the last being quite literal. Call me a niave optimist, but truly intelligent artificial sentience won't be like us. Our species is a by-product of several hundred thousand years of evolution, a near constant fight for survival every minute of everyday just so we can eek out one more day to further the human race. Our whole being is hard wired to abhore the idea we have an expiration. That would be very counter intuitive for a species that needs to survive and dominate in order to produce off spring and continue on. Artificial life & sentience doesn't have that issue - with a decent power source & a decently sturdy casing and it's all set. Truly sentient intelligent robots won't have anywhere near the same goals as us, and we can only hope, none of the same hang ups. Here's where I explain my