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Galliventurer - Dreaming of a Universe

n. Galliventurer - one who adventures whilst gallivanting.

We have a name. A compound of the words gallivanter & adventurer it fits the game quite nicely. It will also be the name of the player's ship (though, you may be able to have many ships throughout the game).

Also trying something a little different for this project, practicing what I preach as it were. I'm actually going to plan this out a little bit before I ever actually write any code. Oddly I feel that most of my hair brain schemes of previous years have had a fast paced "rush to market before someone else thinks of this" attitude. So obviously there was no time to stop and take a moment to put any thought in before code went into editor. None of those projects ever made it out of the proof of concept phase oddly enough, no prizes for working out why.

In the spirit of all this, things are different this time around. Having given it even two minutes of thought there are several issues. 
  1. Prewarming the generation of the dynamically generated universe
  2. Mapping terrain tiles to a spheroidish shape
    1. traversal becomes an issue here (will there be giant bumps where tiles meet at the end caps??)
    2. Can I have the terrain tiles laid flat and then "move the terrain" around instead of the actual player object moving 🤔😬
  3. Making world's have enough "stuff" to be interesting but not every planet should be worth exploring for it's vegetation & fauna, after all our own galaxy has 8/9 planetoids with only one supporting complex life (that we know of at least)
  4. Space is gigantic stretches of nothingness - how can travelling be fun without being too overloading with aliens etc.
Basically it all stems from problem 1. How to have some of the universe pre-generated, so when you plop down in a random sector at the start of the game there isnt a massive wait time for the game to generate and load that sector. 

Enter where the function(s) for kicking off the generation of the game universe will be connected to a site that people (mainly me at first I guess) can provide a nudge to generating and "discovering" a portion of the universe!


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